Just a few things to keep in mind:


The staff at Bioware made making a character incredibly easy. First off you have to pick weather you want to make a character of your own or choose from one of their pre-made ones. I made one for myself.

Next you choose your gender, easy choice.

Now you choose your race. Each race (with the exception of humans) have bonuses and decreases in major stats. They also have special skills just for picking that class. Also they even show the favored class for that race! And for those of you who have no idea what your doing they have a recommended button which picks out the easiest race/class/stats/etc.

Here's a few pros and cons on the races that can effect playability:

Next are the classes. Again you see their advantages and disadvantages and a basic description of each class. (yes, this is blank for now. I'll get to it, trust me! - Sorial)

Again if you are totally new to these type of games, press the recommended button and they will choose the easiest one.

Next up is alignment. Again simple to choose, depending on what you want to roleplay in the game, recommended moves to the highest, since it is usually easy to be good rather then evil. I chose truely nueutral.

Next you get to set your stats. Click on each stat for a detailed discription for what they do and which class needs what. From that you can either manually put points into stats you want, press the recommended button and have them automatically put points into skills determaned on your class, or have them automatically put skills in, then take off points off of the skills you don't want/need, and put them on skills you need for that class.

Next you get to pick your package...basically the subclass of the class. Each class has different ones, and again it is easy to choose, just read the advantages of it or press recommended.

Customize is just that, picking body's and heads and other physicall appearances.

Now just pick your name and voice and your ready to start the game!!

VII - Gameplay

Gameplay is really easy if your familiar with the 3rd edition D&D system. Using your skills is referred to as making "skill checks". Some skills have a certain amount of times per rest period (a day, even though it goes by quite fast) that you can use it. Once you use it that amount of times you must rest before you can use it again. The same goes for spells and special abilities, like the druid's shapechange ability.

The highest achievable level in NWN is 20th, which is awfully powerful where D&D is concerned. I imagine there will be "epic level" modules and expansions released for it, but I haven't heard any official word on that.

Battle is dice related, and skills that you have can help your rolls (either add or decrease) same goes for armor and weapons. Feats are similar to skills, but are typically much more powerful, and a bit more specialized. Spells also use the same rolling of the die.

Pause is an awesome tool, because battle is in real time, and while the game is paused you can use items or choose a magic spell to use, setting up a whole chain of spells or attacks so you can stragegize your moves. Pause is usually unuseable in multiplayer games though. (thanks to Dejime for confirmation!) (Sorial's note: A server administrator can set up their server to either allow pause use or not. Default configuration is to have pausing disabled.)

Movement is easy; just click where you want to run to and you run there (or walk if you happen to be in detect or stealth mode). Getting used to that and moving the camera around with the arrows will determine how good you are at this game.

Left clicking on people will bring up dialog (if they're not hostile, in which case you'll attack them - you can tell what you're about to do by paying attention to what the cursor looks like when you hover the mouse pointer over them. Also look at the color they glow. Red is hostile, blue isn't.), left click dragging items is how you loot things as well as equip them or move them from different bags. Right clicking an item will bring up a small menu, with things like drop, equip, look, etc.

The gameplay of this game is very nice and easy to learn and get used to. If anyone has any other comments for this section send me in an email.

Missing Information: If you notice anything missing, please send it to Sorial