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Needs Confirmation

This from Phillip Neath a few days ago (Thanks Phillip!). Will get it confirmed and into the walkthrough as soon as possible:

In the summoning chamber of Wanev's tower: The portal has to be shut down. If you keep Wanev alive when you fight him, and if you have already talked to the elf in the inn who wants to take his daughter back to elven lands, he explains that he opened the portal to create a creature to go find the gem for that elf who wants it. Unfortunately it goes all goes wrong. In the summoning chamber there are hell hounds and in the bunch is a creature called guglamesh or somthing like that. You know what it is because it shouts out somthing like "Kill" before it attacks you. When it is dead pick up it's heart which it drops and then flick the switch in the corridor and finally place the heart in the brazier and this will destroy the portal. Afterward, go see Wanev who gives you some stuff and even makes a portal for you to get out of the tower.

Needs Information

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