Sorial's Neverwinter Nights walkthrough, v4.8s

Neverwinter Nights Guide and FAQ, originally written by Lyte It Up 420 (Steve Eik)

This edition is edited and revised by Sorial with permission from Steve Eik
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This guide is set up with a main walkthrough for each chapter, then a list of quests at the bottom of the chapter page. Most of these quests are not mandatory, but give you some reward for completing them.

IMPORTANT: since most of the chests and other containers (called "placeable containers" in the toolkit) in this game give random items I cannot usually give lists of items found in them. I will point out important items that you will need but normal loot from placeable containers will not normally be listed (there are exceptions - read through the walkthrough to find them).

Want a zipfile with this walkthrough in it? Click here. (I make no guarantee about files being in DOS or UNIX format, since I switch editors nearly every time I update things)

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