Ok, here's where I talk about things that some people might not like. They'll call it cheating. I call it expanding upon the dollar I spent for this game. Either way you look at it, Neverwinter Nights has tremendous hackability, including everything you need to create your own custom campaign world or modify the built-in campaign. Your imagination is the only limit here.

The DM client section covers things you can do with the DM client that might not be obvious, in addition to a few basic pointers for using it as it was intended.

Console mode refers to the prompt you get when you press the tilde key (~) in-game. There are several things that can be done from that prompt, only some of which I understand at this point, but most all of which are useful.

The toolkit is that nifty little module builder you can access through it's button in the menu you first see when you fire up Neverwinter Nights (before the Atari and other splashscreens). It's very powerful, and it's item and monster creation utilities can make this game even funner than it originally was, especially if you're impatient like me. :)

Keep in mind this section will be pretty bare for a while, and I'll add content intermittently. This section is wholly and completely done by me, nobody else, and is not part of Lyte It Up 420's walkthrough, which is why the title doesn't mention him like the rest of the site's titles do. (Though I'll be giving this section to him if he wants it for inclusion into his own walkthrough/FAQ - have to honor the man who wrote most of the rest of this!)

DM Client

There's a reasonable tutorial for the client in the manual, starting on page 157. While it doesn't cover everything, it's enough to get your started. I'll probably build this section up via questions from people who get stuck using it in some way (granted I can figure out how to get past what they're stuck on), or things that I feel are great shortcuts. Right now I am fair with it, but it's just a little clunky when doing certain things. Still, it's really neat and a whole lot better than any other module creation utilities I've run across for similar games.


I don't have a whole ton of information here, but take a look at page 171 in the manual where some of these commands are listed. Note that if you're in the game as a player (single player mode only, unless you're hosting the game on your own machine and have proper modes turned on so you can do this), you need to press the tilde key and type "DebugMode 1" (without the double quotes) to activate debug mode so these commands work. If you're in the game via the DM client, you don't need to use DebugMode. After you're done messing around with these commands, type "DebugMode 0" on that same tilde prompt to turn off debug mode or you'll get spammed with tag and other information in your status window when you do certain things, and you'll see triggers on the ground that really detract from the look and playability of the game. It's best to not know what's coming anyway. :) If you hit the tilde key then press tab, you'll get a list of commands you can use on this prompt. I'm not sure if that's all of the ones you can use, but it'd make sense if it were. Many aren't listed in the manual, some are.

Here are some of the commands, and a few brief descriptions of what they do:

SetSTR #
Puts you into target mode. Click on the intended target, and their strength becomes the number you typed in place of the #.
SetDEX #
Same as SetSTR, but with dexterity.
SetCON #
Same as SetSTR, but with constitution. See a pattern here? Use your manual and your imagination to figure out the rest of the ability modifying commands.
GiveXP #
Similar to the SetXXX # commands, but lets you give additional experience points to the targeted character. I would imagine giving a negative number would remove experience points from the targeted character as well, though I haven't tried this. Look at the chart below to see what level you would be with your additional experience points. Keep in mind that high level doesn't mean you will breeze though the game - this game adjusts itself for the average level of the party as it enters a new area (amazing bit of work by the programmers).
dm_givegold #
Just what it looks like, also a target-mode command.
God mode? You betcha. Really takes the fun out of things unless you need to unwind after a session of getting your hind end smeared all over the map. Just be sure to save before using this mode so you can go back to before you became the avatar of some unwilling god. :)

Note: If you modify scores or certain other things (like some items) and you haven't made .ini adjustments, the game won't let you progress from one chapter to another, and will dump you out of the game with a message about illegal characters. There are two ways to get around this. In single player mode, edit your nwplayer.ini file and change Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=1 to a 0 to cover ability score modifications, and change Single Player ItemLevelRestrictions=1 to a zero as well to cover illegal item restrictions. In multiplayer mode, the server player must have those very same options set so the server doesn't check for character legality between chapters.


To "hack" on the built-in modules: Copy all the .nwm (Neverwinter Modules) files from the nwm directory under the main game directory to the modules directory that also exists under the main game directory. Change the file extensions for all of these files to .mod, and add a letter, number, or make some other namechange to all of the module files (this is necessary to keep them from conflicting with the built-in modules, which appear to always have precedence over ones in the modules directory). Next, change the properties of these new files from read-only so you can edit them.

At this point you're ready to open up these modules and start getting busy with editing them to your heart's content. Remember to save often. I'd suggest as a first step that you look for the module transition points. For instance, to get from the Prelude module to the Chapter1 module, you go through the door on the southern end of the stables area. Simply right click on this door once you've brought up the area in the viewer and look at it's properties. Dig through the scripts, and find the place where it mentions Chapter1. Change the Chapter1 to whatever you named your Chapter 1 module (I called mine Chapter1S), and save the module. Now when you go through that door in YOUR Prelude module you'll end up in YOUR Chapter 1 module. You can do the same for the transition points in all the modules to string your versions together. Note: If anyone happens to know where the script is for the transition from Chapter1 to Chapter1E (the Ceremonial Chamber), please let me know, 'cause I can't find it. (further note: Thanks to Joel Mejia for letting me know the script name is m1q1faribmodend. Two more module sections linked!)


Feel like putting an item in your module (or you just feel like being tougher), but you don't want to edit your module and start over? Try this:

Make sure you're using version 1.24 or later, then start the game and enter debug mode. Put your mouse cursor where you want the item to appear and type dm_spawnitem . Exit debug mode when you're done. Items are as follows:

NW_WSPMKA (for example) breaks down into NW (NeverWinter, duh) W(eapon) SP(ecial, which are exotics) M(agical) KA(ma). All other items break down in a similar fashion (all that I found at least). Note that non magical weapons will have a one-digit-shorter name, since the "M" will be missing. Here's a short list of examples (yes, this table is ugly.. I'll fix it someday):

NW_WAMAR001 (note 1 M) = regular arrow
NW_WAMMAR001 arrow of the vampire
NW_WAMMAR002 fire arrow
NW_WAMMAR003 acid arrow
NW_WAMMAR004 piercing arrow
NW_WAMMAR005 ice arrow
NW_WAMMAR006 lightning arrow
NW_WAMMAR007 mild poison arrow
NW_WAMMAR008 poison arrow
NW_WAMBO001 (note 1 M) = regular bolt
NW_WAMMBO001 bolt of frostbite
NW_WAMMBO002 bolt of lightning
NW_WAMMBO003 paralytic bolt
NW_WAMMBO004 bolt of piercing
NW_WAMMBO005 bolt of fire
NW_WAMMBO006 mild poison bolt
NW_WAMMBO007 poison bolt
NW_WAMBU001 = regular bullet
NW_WAMMBU001 giant's bane
NW_WAMMBU002 bullet of screaming
NW_WAMMBU003 farel's gold
NW_WAMMBU004 bullets of smiting
NW_WAMMBU005 fire bullet
NW_WAMMBU006 ice bullet
NW_WAMMBU007 lightning bullet
NW_WTHAX001 throwing axe
NW_WTHAX001 ???
NW_WTHMAX002 throwing axe +1
NW_WTHMAX003 thunderbeast axe
NW_WTHMAX004 axe of the coming storm
NW_WTHMAX005 black raven axe
NW_WTHMAX006 rifthome axe
NW_WTHMAX007 fire axe
NW_WTHMAX008 throwing axe +2
NW_WTHMAX009 throwing axe +3
NW_WTHSH001 shuriken
NW_WTHMSH003 stars of ojy-do
NW_WTHMSH004 dragon's tail
NW_WTHMSH005 shining light
NW_WTHMSH006 many talons
NW_WTHMSH007 grains of sand
NW_WTHDT001 dart
NW_WTHMDT003 dart of stunning
NW_WTHMDT004 asp's nest
NW_WTHMDT005 ice dart
NW_WTHMDT006 acid dart
NW_WTHMDT007 dart of accuracy
NW_WBWSL001 sling
NW_WBWMSL003 sling of seeking
NW_WBWMSL004 sling of avoreen
NW_WBWMSL005 sunlight sling
NW_WBWMSL006 sling of force
NW_WBWMSL007 charming sling
NW_WBWMSL008 tempertuppin's ever-thrower
NW_WSPMKA009Kama +3
NW_WSPMKA007Imaskari Kama
NW_WSPMKA004Hideo's Kama
NW_WTHMSH007Grains of Sand
NW_WTHMSH006Many Talons
NW_WTHMSH005Shining Light
NW_WTHMSH009Shuriken +3
NW_WTHMSH003Stars of Ojy-do

Here's some extra stuff that you can figure out on your own, using this as a starting point. Will I ever do a full list? Sure, maybe. Probably after the guys who work on the Infinity Engine toolsets get their .bif readers updated for NWN so I can dump the .bif files and get an easy list to fill out.

Ok, I got bored (and got an e-mail.. scary :) about other items, so I went on a short bender, which I'll finish formatting a bit later. If you're desperate enough, you can pick the information out of what's here right now:

Tower Shields
X0_ASHMTO002 Tower Shield +5
X0_ASHMTO001 Tower Shield +4
NW_ASHMTO009 Tower Shield +3
NW_ASHMTO008 Tower Shield +2
NW_ASHMTO002 Tower Shield +1
NW_ASHTO001 Tower Shield
NW_ASHMTO004 Shield of the Dragonslayer
NW_ASHMTO003 Imaskari Shield
NW_ASHMTO006 Hastsezini's Shield
nw_ashmto011 Greater Shield of the Watch
nw_ashmto010 Greater Shield of Dawn
NW_ASHMTO005 Goblin Shield of Nulbish
NW_ASHMTO007 Darksteel Tower Shield
Large Shields
NW_ASHMLW006 Dragon Shield
X0_ASHMLW003 Laeral's Spell Shield
NW_ASHLW001 Large Shield
NW_ASHMLW002 Large Shield +1
NW_ASHMLW008 Large Shield +2
NW_ASHMLW009 Large Shield +3
X0_ASHMLW001 Large Shield +4
X0_ASHMLW002 Large Shield +5
NW_ASHMLW005 Mirror Shield
NW_ASHMLW003 Shield of the Holy
NW_ASHMLW004 Shield of the Sun
NW_ASHMLW007 Uthgardt Holy Shield
Small Shields
NW_ASHMSW005 Dwarven Mirth
NW_ASHMSW004 Hearth Shield
NW_ASHMSW007 Mithral Shield
NW_ASHMSW003 Protector
nw_ashmsw010 Shield of Dawn
nw_ashmsw011 Shield of the Watch
NW_ASHMSW006 Shield of the Wisp Hunter
NW_ASHSW001 Small Shield
NW_ASHMSW002 Small Shield +1
NW_ASHMSW008 Small Shield +2
NW_ASHMSW009 Small Shield +3
X0_ASHMSW001 Small Shield +4
X0_ASHMSW002 Small Shield +5

NW_MAARCL040 Adamantine Breastplate
NW_MAARCL014 Armor of Command
NW_MAARCL016 Armor of Horus-Re
NW_AARCL010 Breastplate
NW_MAARCL049 Breastplate +1
NW_MAARCL065 Breastplate +2
NW_MAARCL077 Breastplate +3
X0_MAARCL015 Breastplate +4
X0_MAARCL016 Breastplate +5
NW_AARCL004 Chainmail
NW_MAARCL035 Chainmail +1
NW_MAARCL066 Chainmail +2
NW_MAARCL078 Chainmail +3
X0_MAARCL013 Chainmail +4
X0_MAARCL014 Chainmail +5
NW_MAARCL039 Chainmail of Speed
NW_MAARCL058 Chromatic Breastplate +1
NW_MAARCL061 Chromatic Breastplate +3
NW_MAARCL036 Doron's Mistake
NW_MAARCL015 Dragon Armor
NW_MAARCL037 Elven Chainmail
NW_AARCL008 Hide Armor
NW_MAARCL047 Hide Armor +1
NW_MAARCL070 Hide Armor +2
NW_MAARCL082 Hide Armor +3
X0_MAARCL007 Hide Armor +4
X0_MAARCL008 Hide Armor +5
NW_MAARCL010 Kumakawa
NW_AARCL003 Scale Mail
NW_MAARCL048 Scale Mail +1
NW_MAARCL073 Scale Mail +2
NW_MAARCL085 Scale Mail +3
X0_MAARCL011 Scale Mail +4
X0_MAARCL012 Scale Mail +5
NW_MAARCL004 Armor of Fleetness
NW_MAARCL011 Armor of Loyalty
NW_MAARCL003 Armor of the Stars
NW_MAARCL001 Armor of the Wolf
NW_MAARCL013 Armor of Thorns
NW_MCLOTH005 Aslyferund Elven Chain
NW_MAARCL006 Aurumvorax Armor
NW_MAARCL032 Benzo's Luck
NW_MAARCL009 Black Flame Armor
NW_MAARCL017 Broewende Family Armor
NW_MAARCL012 Callurdan Smoothhand's Armor
NW_AARCL012 Chain Shirt
NW_MAARCL046 Chain Shirt +1
NW_MAARCL067 Chain Shirt +2
NW_MAARCL079 Chain Shirt +3
X0_MAARCL009 Chain Shirt +4
X0_MAARCL010 Chain Shirt +5
NW_MAARCL033 Greenleaf
X0_MAARCL041 Hair Shirt of Ilmater
NW_AARCL001 Leather Armor
NW_MAARCL044 Leather Armor +1
NW_MAARCL071 Leather Armor +2
NW_MAARCL083 Leather Armor +3
X0_MAARCL003 Leather Armor +4
X0_MAARCL004 Leather Armor +5
NW_MAARCL002 Mirrored Armor
NW_AARCL009 Padded Armor
NW_MAARCL043 Padded Armor +1
NW_MAARCL072 Padded Armor +2
NW_MAARCL084 Padded Armor +3
X0_MAARCL001 Padded Armor +4
X0_MAARCL002 Padded Armor +5
NW_MAARCL034 Rogue Links
NW_MAARCL005 Shadow Legion Armor
X1_MAARCL001 Skin of the Forest
NW_MAARCL008 Squire's Defense
NW_IT_NOVEL003 Storm Armor
NW_AARCL002 Studded Leather Armor
NW_MAARCL045 Studded Leather Armor +1
NW_MAARCL075 Studded Leather Armor +2
NW_MAARCL087 Studded Leather Armor +3
X0_MAARCL005 Studded Leather Armor +4
X0_MAARCL006 Studded Leather Armor +5
NW_MAARCL007 The Great Oak
X0_ARMHE014 Beholder Crown
X0_ARMHE015 Cowl of Warding
X0_ARMHE003 Eyes of Charming
X0_ARMHE004 Eyes of Doom
X0_ARMHE006 Eyes of Petrification
X0_ARMHE005 Eyes of the Eagle
X0_ARMHE007 Goggles of Minute Seeing
X0_ARMHE008 Goggles of Night
NW_ARMHE010 Golden Circlet
NW_ARMHE012 Greater Mask of Persuasion
X0_ARMHE009 Headband of Intellect +2
X0_ARMHE010 Headband of Intellect +4
X0_ARMHE011 Headband of Intellect +6
X0_ARMHE016 Headband of the Binder
X0_ARMHE012 Helm of Brilliance
X0_ARMHE017 Helm of Darkness
NW_ARHE004 Horse Hair Helmet
X0_ARMHE002 Major Circlet of Blasting
NW_ARMHE011 Mask of Persuasion
X0_ARMHE013 Mask of the Skull
X0_ARMHE001 Minor Circlet of Blasting
NW_IT_NOVEL004 Moonstone Mask
NW_ARHE001 Pot Helmet
NW_ARMHE008 Shukenja Helm
NW_ARHE002 Spike Helmet
NW_ARHE005 Stag Helmet
NW_ARMHE009 Thayvian Circlet
NW_ARMHE007 Thieves' Hood
NW_ARMHE006 Watchman's Helm
NW_ARHE003 Winged Helmet
NW_MAARCL021 Armor of Comfort
NW_MAARCL054 Armor of Freedom
NW_MAARCL025 Balduran's Armor
NW_AARCL011 Banded Mail
NW_MAARCL051 Banded Mail +1
NW_MAARCL064 Banded Mail +2
NW_MAARCL076 Banded Mail +3
X0_MAARCL019 Banded Mail +4
X0_MAARCL020 Banded Mail +5
NW_MAARCL028 Blue Dragon Armor
NW_MAARCL042 Copper Dragon Armor
NW_MAARCL024 Delver's Armor
NW_MAARCL022 Elven Ceremonial Armor
NW_MAARCL029 Enkidu's Armor
NW_AARCL007 Full Plate
NW_MAARCL053 Full Plate +1
NW_MAARCL068 Full Plate +2
NW_MAARCL080 Full Plate +3
X0_MAARCL023 Full Plate +4
X0_MAARCL024 Full Plate +5
NW_MAARCL026 Gnomish Magnetic Armor
NW_AARCL006 Half Plate
NW_MAARCL052 Half Plate +1
NW_MAARCL069 Half Plate +2
NW_MAARCL081 Half Plate +3
X0_MAARCL021 Half Plate +4
X0_MAARCL022 Half Plate +5
X0_MAARCL036 Laeral's Storm Armor
NW_MAARCL041 Mithral Splint Mail
NW_MAARCL020 Rainbow Armor
NW_MAARCL027 Red Dragon Armor
NW_MAARCL059 Scales of Truth +1
NW_MAARCL062 Scales of Truth +3
NW_MAARCL063 Silverbone Armor +2
NW_AARCL005 Splint Mail
NW_MAARCL050 Splint Mail +1
NW_MAARCL074 Splint Mail +2
NW_MAARCL086 Splint Mail +3
X0_MAARCL017 Splint Mail +4
X0_MAARCL018 Splint Mail +5
X0_MAARCL037 Storm Armor of the Earth's Children
NW_MAARCL018 White Dragon Armor
NW_MAARCL060 Whitebone Armor +2
NPC Clothing

Ranged Weapons
NW_WBWMXH003 Crossbow of Accuracy
NW_WBWMXH004 Crossbow of Enchantment
NW_WBWMXH005 Feywarden Crossbow
NW_WBWMXH007 Glorious Revolution
NW_WBWMXH006 Graceblood Bow
NW_WBWXH001 Heavy Crossbow
NW_WBWMXH002 Heavy Crossbow +1
NW_WBWMXH008 Heavy Crossbow +2
NW_WBWMXH009 Heavy Crossbow +3
X0_WBWMXH001 Heavy Crossbow +4
X0_WBWMXH002 Heavy Crossbow +5
NW_WBWMXL003 Crossbow of Affliction
NW_WBWMXL007 Crossbow of Murder
NW_WBWMXL004 Crossbow of the High Forest
NW_WBWMXL006 Crossbow of the Unicorn
NW_WBWXL001 Light Crossbow
NW_WBWMXL002 Light Crossbow +1
NW_WBWMXL008 Light Crossbow +2
NW_WBWMXL009 Light Crossbow +3
X0_WBWMXL001 Light Crossbow +4
X0_WBWMXL002 Light Crossbow +5
NW_WBWMXL005 Ruby Crossbow
Regular (doesn't have the "mighty" property)
NW_WBWLN001 Longbow
NW_WBWMLN002 Longbow +1
NW_WBWMLN008 Longbow +2
NW_WBWMLN009 Longbow +3
X0_WBWMLN001 Longbow +4
X0_WBWMLN002 Longbow +5
NW_WBWMLN006 Longarm
Composite (has the "mighty" property)
NW_WBWMLN010 Composite Longbow +1
NW_WBWMLN011 Composite Longbow +2
NW_WBWMLN012 Composite Longbow +3
X0_WBWMLN003 Composite Longbow +4
X0_WBWMLN004 Composite Longbow +5
NW_WBWMLN004 Elven Court Bow
NW_WBWMLN007 North Wind Bow
NW_WBWMLN005 Ripper
NW_WBWMLN003 Taralash
NW_WBWMSH003 Eaglebow
NW_WBWSH001 Shortbow
NW_WBWMSH002 Shortbow +1
NW_WBWMSH008 Shortbow +2
NW_WBWMSH009 Shortbow +3
X0_WBWMSH001 Shortbow +4
X0_WBWMSH002 Shortbow +5
WBWMSH005 Tansheron's Bow
NW_WBWMSH010 Composite Shortbow +1
NW_WBWMSH011 Composite Shortbow +2
NW_WBWMSH012 Composite Shortbow +3
X0_WBWMSH003 Composite Shortbow +4
X0_WBWMSH004 Composite Shortbow +5
NW_WBWMSH006 Lesser Oathbow
NW_WBWMSH007 Lilting Note
NW_WBWMSH004 Phantom Bow
NW_WBWMSL007 Charming Sling
NW_WBWSL001 Sling
NW_WBWMSL001 Sling +1
NW_WBWMSL009 Sling +2
NW_WBWMSL010 Sling +3
X0_WBWMSL001 Sling +4
X0_WBWMSL002 Sling +5
NW_WBWMSL004 Sling of Arvoreen
NW_WBWMSL006 Sling of Force
NW_WBWMSL003 Sling of Seeking
NW_WBWMSL005 Sunlight Sling
NW_WBWMSL008 Tempertuppin's Ever-Thrower
NW_WTHMDT006 Acid Dart
X1_WMGRENADE001 Acid Flask
X1_WMGRENADE002 Alchemist's Fire
NW_WTHMDT004 Asp's Nest
NW_WTHMAX004 Axe of the Coming Storm
NW_WTHMAX005 Black Raven Axe
X1_WMGRENADE003 Caltrops
X1_WMGRENADE004 Choking Powder
NW_WTHDT001 Dart
NW_WTHMDT002 Dart +1
NW_WTHMDT008 Dart +2
NW_WTHMDT009 Dart +3
X0_WTHMDT001 Dart +4
X0_WTHMDT002 Dart +5
NW_WTHMDT007 Dart of Accuracy
NW_WTHMDT003 Dart of Stunning
NW_WTHMSH004 Dragon's Tail
NW_WTHMAX007 Fire Axe
NW_WTHMSH007 Grains of Sand
X1_WMGRENADE005 Holy Water
NW_WTHMDT005 Ice Dart
NW_WTHMSH006 Many Talons
NW_WTHMAX006 Rifthome Axe
NW_WTHMSH005 Shining Light
NW_WTHSH001 Shuriken
NW_WTHMSH002 Shuriken +1
NW_WTHMSH008 Shuriken +2
NW_WTHMSH009 Shuriken +3
X0_WTHMSH001 Shuriken +4
X0_WTHMSH002 Shuriken +5
NW_WTHMSH003 Stars of Ojy-do
X1_WMGRENADE006 Tanglefoot Bag
NW_WTHAX001 Throwing Axe
NW_WTHMAX002 Throwing Axe +1
NW_WTHMAX008 Throwing Axe +2
NW_WTHMAX009 Throwing Axe +3
X0_WTHMAX001 Throwing Axe +4
X0_WTHMAX002 Throwing Axe +5
NW_WTHMAX003 Thunderbeast Axe
X1_WMGRENADE007 Thunderstone

Missing Information: If you notice anything missing, please send it to Sorial