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  1. How do I get into Luskan?
  1. I wasn't going to originally answer this question because it is explained in the walkthrough, is explained totally in the game, and I wanted you guys to figure things out for yourselves. But sadly because of all the questions regarding this subject I will give you the full answer.

    If you bothered to read the journal of the man in the caves it said that they are sending people to NEVERWINTER WOODS and CHARDOCK. Now they want more than just one proof that they are located in Luskan so hmmm, go to both NEVERWINTER WOODS and CHARDOCK to get the evidence needed. Killing Vardoc is not needed to get there, and I don't think Solomon is either(though theres no way to avoid killing him).

    All you have to do is get the Journal from the people in The caves to the north, Neverwinter woods, and Chardock, and they will open Luskan to you.

  1. How do I open the doors to get into the tomb's for Never's tomb?
  1. Another question I didn't want to answer because it is so blatantly obvious.

    If you go to the first tomb(which is already open all you need is a note from the guy in hall of champions) and READ THE BOOK, it tells you to put the things into the chest.

    Also if you READ MY GUIDE it said to PUT the items you got in the first tomb IN THE CHEST RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR. If you can't figure it out now, then turn off your power, go sit down and watch some barney.

  1. How do I get to where the people are performing the cerimony with Aribeth on top of the tower on chapter 2?
  1. Yet another question i didn't want to answer because I went through it in my walkthrough and its so simple to figure out on your own. The door is locked, theres no way to open it. You can watch the cerimony or head down into aribeth's chambers, get the books you need and come back out and kill the cerimony people, get any loot you want and return to town to end the chapter.
  1. Ahhh I still can't get into Luskan!!! I musta missed, dropped or sold my proof!
  1. Selling quest items is impossible, and you can always look in the pools that are located in the temple of every Chapter to buy back quest items that you forgot to take or dropped.
  1. Ahhh I'm stuck on the creator race in chapter 3!!!
  1. Again I'm dumbfounded by how some people can get stuck in here, so I'll answer each of the questions.

    The lightning in the doors you can walk through, so just walk through them(easy just try!!) For the sound quest just follow the mephit. For the light test just put the colors of what it says in the right order. For the color test you have to put 2 colors in the primary color field, then put their color in the secondary color fields, BOTH in the secondary HAVE TO BE THE SAME COLOR. If you Chose Blue and Yellow that makes green put the green stone in the secondary ones! Also for the color test,he one I received the most questions about, you can just do trial and error, I mean wow theres only 3 different colors you can put in the secondary fields.

    All this is stated in the book you can get from a lot of the chests, enemies, and book cases.

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