Are you ready for the final challenge? This is the shortest of the four chapters, being almost half the length of the third chapter (which was considerably less then the first two), but is also the hardest. You'll have quite a few boss fights ahead of you for such a small chapter, and this is your last chance to get your final equipment and experience for the final battle.

You start off in the castle. Talk to Aarin and Lord Nasher to learn more about what's happening and what you need to do. You don't get to pick a henchman this time, so whichever one you chose in act three will be the one you take to the final challenge.

Head downstairs to the jail, and talk to Haedraline to learn more about the source stone and what you must do now. Head deeper into the caverns if you want and visit the source stone, but there is nothing you can do here just yet. Go out into the city core area and you can collect two quests. (I highly recommend you do them because they give great amounts of experience and you'll need all you can get before heading for the final fight.)

Learn about what's going on, and talk to the commander to learn about what you'll have to do and get a new quest. Head into the war zone, and in the first section make sure you search all the houses for items and experience you can get, and you can also find the lost girl for one of the quests, and you can destroy the catapults and the golems to complete the other quest. To kill the golems you have to kill the wizards that control them. They're easy to find; just look for the magic glowing field in front of a door.

After you destroy the catapults, rescue the girl, and kill the two golems you now have to head through one of the buildings to the back (you can see which one it is by looking for the small courtyard you can't get to any other way) and you'll fight an easy mini boss. A portal will now pop open and you can enter Maugrim's chamber.

As soon as you enter this place you will find Aribeth. Talk to her and she will eventually attack you. Read above for information on how to possibly further the plot of the game if you did a few things earlier to set it up, and are willing to be nice to Aribeth.

Boss Fight: Aribeth
Once you beat her down enough she will give up, and if you can talk her into returning back to the castle you'll gain experience. If you kill her you get a paladin only sword that is only usable by neutral evil paladins (which obviously this game has no way to create as a character, unless you decide to become REALLY mean as a paladin, thus losing your paladin status, and somehow figure out how to go from lawful to neutral). It's of course possible to get her to face judgment much quicker (after the fight, if you DON'T kill her) if you have a ring that she may have given you if you were kind enough to give her a shoulder to cry on earlier in the game (before your trip to Luskan, but in chapter 2). More information pending as I get more detailed information. Thanks to Mitchell Hein who pointed this out.

Now save and head into the next hallway to find...

Boss Fight: Maugrim Korothir
This guy is a bit tougher, as he can cast time freeze, freezing everything but him and his spells. He has the usual wizard spells and shield, so just keep at it and he will fall. Now head into his back room collecting the treasure and the final word of power! Head back to town and finish up the two quests if you chose to do them, then head down to the cell and talk to Haedraline again to get 2000 experience and a bit more information. Now place the final Word of power on the pedestal and enter the source stone. This place is pretty simple; a "copy" of Aribeth named "Asheera" from another prime material plane (play D&D for a while and you'll understand that ;) will give you an amulet (with minimum level requirement 24!!!). Head through the cave till you reach the end. SAVE BEFORE ENTERING - as soon as you enter you'll be attacked by...

Boss Fight: Corrupted Silver Dragon & Corrupted Copper Dragon
If you thought fighting one dragon at a time was tough, well here's two. They do the normal amount of dragon damage, as well as knockdowns, with their own immunities. This is a very tough battle and keep your attacks focused on one at a time, use the recall stone and you'll be able to get past them. Now take the key from each of them and head down the hallway. Take note this is the POINT OF NO RETURN. You CANNOT use your stone of recall in there, and you can't go back out. Make sure you have everything you need for a very tough fight. When you are finally ready head into the cave, where you'll witness a bunch of old ones talking to an illusion of Morag. After they are done talking they will attack.

Boss Fight: Old one Cleric and 5 of Morag's chosen ones.
Again an extremely hard fight, especially since you cannot rest in here, so you'll want to save your spells if you are a mage (so you can use them on Morag). You must kill the cleric first because if you don't he will just resurrect the chosen ones when you kill them. They are all equally hard, double hitting, but luckily won't knock you down. Watch out for the cleric's offensive spells, as well as healing himself. Since you cannot use the stone of recall I suggest trying to wait in the doorway and pray the cleric gets there first, so you only have to fight one at a time. Get the key off of the cleric and head to the next room to meet your final challenge.

Boss Fight: Morag
The final boss, and she lives up to her name of the reaper of souls the tormenter of the world, and if you can't beat her, then your world and many others are doomed! This old girl is very difficult; first you have to destroy the statue in front of her to get rid of the spikes (thanks to Vhalyar). She will also cast the time freeze spell, which can get really annoying; I hope you have a lot of healing potions. After you kill her arms and the statue and you get closer to her, she is completely invulnerable to every kind of attack you can dish out! To get rid of this you'll have to destroy the protection spheres surrounding her, depending on your main attack. I suggest you only defeat the one you really need to because at this point it will transform itself into a warrior mage (Tenser's Transformation?) and start to attack with melee as well as magic. Once you destroy whichever alters you can finally damage Morag. Of course she has the usual mage's shielding, but after that is done with you should be able to take her 1 on 1 if you have some healing potions left. Congratulations! You just beat the most innovative RPG made this year! (according to critics) Now exit through the portal and talk to Haedraline for some final words, and enjoy (if thatís possible) the very short ending.
Rescue Leesa
Luce in Moonstone Mask will ask you to find her sister that is lost somewhere in the war zone. She is found in the first section of the war zone, and return to her to get your reward, you can also deny the cloak of protection+3(which you probably won't need) to get some alignment points.

Neverwinter Under Siege
Captain Trancar in the Trade of Blades will give you this quest, informing you about what's going on and what you could do to help. Just kill the two wizards controlling the golem's and the catapults to complete this quest (note you get rewards automatically for doing this, as well when you return to him of your success)

Aribeth's Fate
Depending on how the battle goes with Aribeth, will determine your reward.

The Final Battle
Given when you start the chapter, and is completed after you kill Morag.

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