About me, the site owner: Hello, my name is David Biggar II. I usually go by 'hoverdave' online, if you've seen me around. I'm a Skyrim/Fallout modding junkie and gamer, and my work life revolves around technical support.

This site was eventually going to transform into one with content more in keeping with the domain name: help for UNIX and UNIX-alike operating systems (Primarily Linux and FreeBSD). However, things have fallen by the wayside, so it's more of a personal site now. Please feel free to submit questions and whatnot if you like and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

These days I specialize in data-loss-free Windows 7 and newer malware/virus removal, and am a member of the Malware removal instruction teams at GeekstoGo and Bleeping Computer, both UNITE member online malware removal schools.

I also recently worked for Emsisoft, a highly-rated anti-malware and anti-virus program developer, from Dec 2015 until Feb 2022 as tech support, managing the support team from June 2016 until about September 2022, when I stepped down due to not being able to keep up so well after my stroke in June 2020. I miss the team, and wish I'd been able to step it up better before it was too late. I was proud of Emsisoft and what we worked for.


You can send questions to the e-mail link on the bottom of the page.


Tiny Sparkles LL, my wife's site for art and more (perpetually under construction)

Gaillane.art the site I built for my Mom, though it goes unused now.

Games page

For a few of the games I was interested in, I have information available here.

You can send me e-mail here.